Areas of need

Throughout its history the Unisa Library has been the beneficiary of many generous donations, large and small, and each one has contributed to the collections and to the infrastructure the Library is able to offer. Our world-renowned Archives collection, for example, consists entirely of donations and the Johannesburg Branch Library’s Commons and Training Room were likewise made possible by a generous sponsor.

The Unisa Library recognises all donors as Friends of the Library.

The following are five current Library projects that you may find appealing in terms of deciding where to give your support, should you wish to donate to a project:

  • Digital Libraries
  • E-book Readers
  • IT Infrastructure for Unisa Students in the Rural Areas
  • Mobile buses

 If you wish to give to the Unisa Library, you can complete this online pledge form or contact our Library Donor Relations Coordinator directly for further information.

Library Donor Relations Coordinator
Tel: 012 441 5879

Last modified: 2023/08/07