Department of Industrial and Engineering Management

Community Engagement

The Department of Industrial Engineering’s Community Engagement programme aims to provide learners with an opportunity to present and showcase their innovative research projects.  The Industrial Engineering Department launched a project for the Application of Sustainable Technologies to Rural Africa (ASTRA), which entails the engagement of local schools, namely

  • Willowmead High School
  • Lamola Jubilee High School
  • Tulip High School
  • Eldorado Park High School
  • Daliwonga High School

Every year, these schools are given a theme and they are encouraged to conduct research under the mentorship of academics from the Department of Industrial Engineering.

In 2021, learners will be engaged via Microsoft Teams. To facilitate this new endeavor, teachers at the selected schools were given Microsoft Teams training on 9 June 2021 and Unisa has committed to providing the schools with tablets and data to enable further Microsoft Teams engagements.

Last modified: 2023/08/07