Department of Development Studies

Development Studies is a multidisciplinary subject that incorporates all aspects of development throughout the world, more specifically, the developing world. The initial emphasis falls on the rather diverse concept of poverty and all its manifestations. This subject addresses the numerous global challenges that are faced in the developing world and identifies the possible solutions. Development Studies as a study field deals with development efforts through reform, capacity building and empowerment.

The study of this subject will be of great value to all those who are involved in one way or another in development.  This holds true for the person responsible for the day to day management of development, but also for the policy maker and the strategic manager. A knowledge of this subject can also be put to good use by personnel officers in the private sector and the public sector at local, provincial and national level.  This subject endeavours to create "new professionalism" among those involved in development that will enable people at the grassroots level to take responsibility for their own development.  Finally, this subject can give context and understanding for the person not directly involved in development, but nonetheless fulfilling a function in developing countries such as South Africa.

Last modified: 2023/08/07