College of Human Sciences

College hosts its Excellence in Teaching and Learning awards

The College of Human Sciences hosted its Excellence in Teaching and Learning awards to showcase the sterling work of the College and to promote and encourage continued excellence in teaching and learning. As explained by the manager for Tuition, Learner Support and Community Engagement, Professor Zethu Nkosi, this year the annual university awards takes on a new format as each College will present an award in each category and then institutional winners will be selected from the list of College winners.

Pictured are all the participants and adjudicators with members of management at the College of Human Sciences’ Excellence in Teaching and Learning awards.

Welcoming everyone to the CHS awards, the College Dean, Professor Andrew Phillips, said such awards are important because we have to show the world our excellence and demonstrate our innovation in the College and at Unisa where teaching and learning is concerned.

Those who were nominated then presented their portfolios to the adjudicators who comprised of Professor Sikhumbuzo Mngadi (Department of English, University of Johannesburg), Professor Mmankoko Ramorola (Centre for Professional Department), Dr Govender (Directorate: University Teaching and Learning Development) and Dr Nylon Marishane (University of Pretoria). The 2018 CHS participants were Dr Britta Zawada (Deputy Dean, CHS), Marang Mamahlodi (Health Studies), Professor Mokgadi Matlakala (Health Studies), Dr Motshedisi Chauke (Health Studies), Kelebamang Mokgupi (Learner Support), Dr Mokholelana Ramukumba (Health Studies), Dr Faniswa Mfidi (Health Studies), Lungelwa Phakathi (English), Lindiwe Khuzwayo-Magwaza (Religious Studies and Arabic), and then the English Department group, Professor Mirriam Lephalala, Dr Joyce Sukumane, Lungelwa Phakathi, Katlego Thubakgale, Jeffrey Shisinga, Joyce Seshibedi, Deborah Rakumakoe and Given Ranko.

Following the presentations, the adjudicators presented their positive feedback. “Those of us who teach at contact universities are missing out on a lot of innovations that are taking place at Unisa,” said Professor Mngadi, adding that from judging this, and seeing what is happening in the College, he can now see how much more contact universities need to do.

Dr Marishane said: “Creating connectivity, between people, content and context is very important and this was shown in the presentations. The CHS has demonstrated that reaching out to students who require assistance is very important, this is critical for Unisa in the 21st century.”

Dr Govender said the CHS should be extremely proud after all these presentations, adding that the department of health studies, who had the most nominees, exemplifies teamwork and community of practice.

Professor Ramorola provided the participants with constructive feedback on how to improve their presentations for the next round at institutional level.

The winners were, Dr Britta Zawada (Lifetime award for contribution in Teaching and Learning), Mr Mamahlodi (Student success and retention), Professor Matlakala (Student Assessment), Dr Chauke (Innovation in tuition), and Ms Mokgupi (Student support). They will now advance to the next round of awards which is the Unisa Excellence in Teaching and Learning awards.

All participants received certificates acknowledging their participation.

* By Rivonia Naidu-Hoffmeester (CHS communications and marketing)