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Acclaimed stakeholders join Unisa's 150th celebration

The Unisa College of Education (CEDU), together with the Western Cape Region, recently celebrated the university’s 150 years of existence in Cape Town, where it all began in 1873.  Over 100 esteemed education stakeholders, including teachers, principals, students, alumni, non-governmental organisations and officials from different provincial departments, joined the celebration. Acclaimed organisations such as the South African Council for Educators (SACE) and the Education, Training, and Development Practices Sector Education and Training Authority (ETDP Seta), also graced the occasion.

Unisa officials with esteemed education stakeholders celebrating the university's 150th anniversary in the Western Cape Region

In her welcoming address, Unisa’s Acting Western Cape Regional Director, Michelle Frauendorf, said: "Today, we gather to celebrate the momentous occasion of Unisa's 150th anniversary, and to honour the birthplace of Unisa, the Cape of Good Hope." She continued: "Our congratulatory message is filled with hope, and we acknowledge the Western Cape province’s significant contribution to the region and academic project."

Prof Mpine Makoe, Unisa’s Acting Executive Dean of the College of Education, remarked: "Our role as educators is to provide and inspire hope. We play a pivotal role as nurturers of every profession in the world." For Makoe, the educators’ impact spans across various professions; therefore, she encouraged them not to underestimate the power of hope that they impart to others. She further stated that they must continue to enable and empower individuals to realise their aspirations.

The pivotal role of key stakeholders such as SACE and ETDP Seta, in shaping the education landscape, was recognised. SACE is a regulatory body for the teaching profession, and ensures that professional standards are upheld and promotes continuous growth among educators. The ETDP Seta is committed to quality training and development, equipping teachers with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in their profession.

Makoe expressed her gratitude to those behind the success of the event. She further highlighted the university's commitment to serving its stakeholders and providing a platform for lifelong growth, development, learning and unwavering hope.

Visionary school principals were also acknowledged as their leadership nurtures a conducive learning environment and inspires both students and educators to reach their full potential. The teaching practice supervisors play a crucial role in guiding and mentoring aspiring teachers, enabling them to gain practical experience and become competent professionals.

Furthermore, the alumni’s unwavering support was celebrated. Their achievements and contributions in various fields inspire current and future generations. Also, their continued engagement and commitment to education are testaments to the transformative power of learning.

The dedication of students was recognised as they are the driving force behind educational endeavours. Their eagerness to learn, their resilience in overcoming challenges, and their boundless potential are what made the celebration significant.

Makoe also congratulated Unisa, CEDU, and all stakeholders who were at the function. She expressed that fruitful stakeholder relationships will foster continuous growth and inspire lifelong learning, which was an important theme of the day. She remarked that as they come together to honour their collective achievements, they must embrace the moment as a symbol of unity and progress in the pursuit of educational excellence. Makoe concluded that together, they shape the future of education and empower future generations.


* By Prof Mpine, Acting Executive Dean, and Mario Sales, Programme and Qualification Mix Coordinator, College of Education

Publish date: 2023/06/02

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