Department of Decision Sciences


The Department of Decision Sciences offers courses in two colleges, the College of Economic and Management Sciences (CEMS) and the College of Science, Engineering and Technology (CSET). The courses are at the following levels:

  • Undergraduate (three years full time, 4-6 years part time)
  • Honours (one year full time, 2-4 years part time)
  • Master's (two years full time, 2-4 years part time)
  • Doctoral (two years full time, 3-6 years part time)

Undergraduate qualifications

Modules in Decision Sciences can be taken as a major (e.g. Operations Research or Quantitative Management) for the following undergraduate degrees

  • BCom Generic (98314 – GEN)
  • BCom Quantitative Management (98311 - QMA)
  • BSc General (98801 - GEN)

Honours degrees & postgraduate diplomas

  • BCom Hons Financial Modelling (98350)  
  • BSc Hons Operations Research (90078)

Master's (M) and doctoral (D) qualifications

  • Master of Commerce (MCom) in Quantitative Management (98701)
  • Master of Science (MSc) in Operations Research (98597)
  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Operations Research (98598)

Prospective students may apply for admission to MSc/MCom or PhD programmes through the Unisa online system. Please attach all relevant and requested documentation. As of June 2015, we also accept M and D students outside the normal Unisa registration periods.  When admitted, students have to complete a research proposal successfully, before admission to the dissertation / thesis part.

For pre-application advice regarding Master's and Doctoral qualifications and a possible recommendation that could expedite the process, prospective students are advised to study the admission requirements on the Unisa website and then submit the following information by e-mail to for preliminary advice:

  • A comprehensive CV
  • A certified copy of your ID document or passport photo page
  • A full academic record (official transcripts)
  • A copy of the Honours research project (for admission to the Master's) or Master's dissertation (for admission to the PhD)
  • A brief statement of interest (of approximately one page in length) outlining a research topic or topic(s) of 
  • Any previous Unisa student number(s) if applicable

Modules Offered:

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Module Code Name Lecturers
BNU1501 Basic Numeracy Ms A Mahlangu, Ms BS Ncube, Mrs C Roos
FBN1501 Business Numerical Skills A Ms CH van der Merwe, Mrs CE Roos
FBN1502 Business Numerical Skills B Ms CH van der Merwe, Mrs CE Roos
QMI1500 Elementary Quantitative Methods Mrs CE Roos, Ms BS Ncube, Prof I Basson
DSC1520 Quantitative Modeling I Mr A Nange, Ms CH van der Merwe, Prof CJ Swanepoel
DSC1630 Introductory Financial Mathematics Mrs MF Immelman, Ms G Moagi, Ms CH van der Merwe
DSC2602 Rational Decision Making Mrs WA van Hoepen, Dr E Mudimu
DSC2604 Financial Modelling Prof KM Malan, Prof MP Mulaudzi
DSC2605 Linear Mathematical Programming Mr MM Mpanda, Prof PH Potgieter
DSC2606 Nonlinear Mathematical Programming Prof P Potgieter, Prof G Davie
DSC3702 Optimisation of Resources Mrs MC Strydom, Prof P Potgieter
DSC3703 Simulation Dr E Mudimu, Ms J le Roux 
DSC3704 Models for Strategic Decision-making Ms J le Roux, Mr MM Mpanda
DSC3705 Financial Risk Modeling Prof MP Mulaudzi, Prof PH Potgieter
DSC3706 Selected Topics for Operations Research  Prof G Davie, Prof KH Jordaan
DSC3707 Mathematical Modelling II Prof KH Jordaan, Prof KM Malan
DSC4810 Research Support Tools Prof MD Jankowitz
DSC4812 Forecasting Prof MD Jankowitz, Prof S Mukeru, Ms G Moagi
DSC4821 Stochastic Modelling Prof S Mukeru, Dr E Mudimu
DSC4823 Discrete Optimisation Prof P Potgieter, Prof CJ Swanepoel
DSC4824 Introduction to Heuristics Prof G Davie, Ms J le Roux, Mr A Nange
DSC4825 Financial Modelling I Prof MP Mulaudzi, Mr MM Mpanda
DSC4826 Financial Modelling II Prof PH Potgieter, Prof S Mukeru 
DSC4830 Research Project  Prof MD Jankowitz, Prof CJ Swanepoel, Prof KM Malan
DSC484 Data Science Prof KM Malan, Prof CJ Swanepoel

Last modified: 2021/04/15