Institute for Corporate Citizenship

About us

The Institute for Corporate Citizenship (ICC) was established to be a leader in building individual and institutional capacity for sustainable business and social unity.   Its strategic objectives include conducting research, converting this research into tuition offerings and creating a platform for information sharing.  It provides unique opportunities to improve the Corporate Citizenship (CC) practice and introduces innovative ways of doing business. In a sense, our goal is to explore ‘business unusual’ based on South Africa’s unique history, current legislative and policy frameworks.  Through its research, the ICC asks pertinent and at times difficult questions regarding the role and contribution of business to sustainable development. The ICC encourages stimulating debate about corporate citizenship and helps raise awareness in the private, public and civil society sectors. 

Of course, talking “About the ICC” would be meaningless without talking about the people who make up the team. While we are a relatively small team in absolute numbers, we come from an incredibly diverse background and represent an incredibly diverse range of ideological positions, which provides very fertile ground for cultivating critical thinking. What we all share is an absolute passion for what we do.

Last modified: 2023/08/07