College of Agriculture & Environmental Sciences

Showcasing the Science Campus - remote but connected

Saturday 19 September 2020 saw yet another successful virtual open day (VOD) at Unisa. Open days are important events for both students and educational institutions. Prospective students need to see what study options and career opportunities are available to them before they make a well-informed decision about how to spend the next few years of their academic lives.

Some of the staff participating in the Unisa Science VOD: Karodia Nadim (DSAR), Poppie Khoza (CAES), Lizelle Stemmett (DSAR), Anna Huma (DIA), Ellen Mokoena (DIA), Gugulethu Ncgobo (CAES) and Lufuno Nekokwane (DIA)

VOD elements consisted of corporate videos, welcoming messages from the executive deans of the two colleges involved, college presentations, and the connection of prospective students to specialists who were able to answer their career-related questions. The focus of the open day was on the science colleges, that is, the College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences (CAES) and the College of Science, Engineering and Technology (CSET), and the colleges were assisted by the marketing division of the Department of Institutional Advancement (DIA) and the Department of Student Admission and Registration (DSAR). The VOD aimed at showcasing the wonderful career programmes offered in the world of science, engineering and technology, as well as in agriculture and the environmental sciences, and to address the university’s under-subscribed qualifications.

Thembeka Ntuli-Mpapama (CSET) gave a presentation on the College of Science, Engineering and Technology, Gugulethu Ncgobo (CAES) gave a presentation on the College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences, and Ellen Mokoena (DIA) was the facilitator of the day.

Even as we continue to witness the massive impact Covid-19 has on life as we knew it, education, academic and personal development must continue. It is for this reason that the marketing division at Unisa launched the VOD campaigns, embracing the "new normal" to stay relevant and continue the academic journey, and present Unisa as the open, distance and e-learning (ODeL) institution of choice.

The marketing division is planning on more successful VODs in the months of October and November.

Lizelle Stemmett (Acting Manager: Electronic Section, DSAR) and Nadim Karodia (Administrative Officer: Electronic Section, DSAR) gave presentations and responded to questions.

* By Ellen Mokoena, Corporate Marketer, Department of Institutional Advancement

Publish date: 2020/10/01