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Prepare to study

You have registered and you have downloaded and/or received your study material. You may now feel overwhelmed with the prospect of working through all the study material and you may not know how or where to start.

We suggest that you start by following these three steps:

  • Step 1: Get organised
  • Step 2: Plan your studies
  • Step 3: Start studying

Resources to help you get started


Listening to the following podcasts will help you think about the things you need to have in place to have a successful study semester or year:

Getting started with your studies (MP3)
Getting started with your studies (2) (MP3)
When you receive your first study package you might be feeling overwhelmed, excited and anxious. In these conversations we talk about planning, connecting and studying so that you can get settled in terms of your studies at Unisa.

Let's start (MP3)

Are you struggling to get started with your studies? Listen to ideas for study motivation, as well as practical tips for planning and organising your studies, what to do when you feel stuck and getting support.
Plan for a successful study year (MP3) Your preparation for a successful study year involves mental and practical issues. We talk about what you can do to prepare yourself to be ready for your studies. This interview was originally recorded at GrootFM for the College of Economic and Management Sciences community radio programme.
Prepare for your semester (MP3) There are several ways you could prepare for a successful study semester. In this interview, we chat about some of these effective strategies.

Read Study @ Unisa

Study @ Unisa is your study survival kit. Use the information in this guide to help you get started with your studies. In addition, the guide provides quick links to all the support offered by Unisa, as well as information regarding important processes such as submitting assignments.

Attend workshops

Contact the Unisa centre closest to you to enquire about possible study skills workshops that will be offered. You can also download the workshop presentation below:

Let's start (PDF) Learn more about getting started with your studies, including getting organised, planning your studies, and starting to study.

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