Join the Alumni Association

The Unisa Alumni Association and Alumni Chapters are a vehicle to advance the vision and mission of the university as it strives to become “the African university shaping futures in the service of humanity”.

Alumni and students wishing to join the association will be requested to donate a minimum fee of R150,00 per annum. The contribution made is tax deductible and a tax certificate is issued.

Through such donations, the university is able to build and strengthen relationships with alumni, staff members and students. Donations also enable the university to generate a sustainable income for various university initiatives and to enable the funding of bursaries for Unisa students.

We invite you to join the Alumni Association by filling in the form and returning it by email, fax or post. Click to fill in the Alumni Association Form

Kgorong Building, 2nd Floor
Preller Street, Pretoria
PO Box 392
Unisa 0003, South Africa
Tel: 012 441 5696

Last modified: 2023/07/29