Tuition Support and Facilitation of Learning

Open learning represents an approach or philosophy which combines the principles of learner centredness, life-long learning, flexibility of learning facilitation provisioning, removal of barriers to access, recognition of prior learning, provision of relevant tuition and facilitation of learning, construction of learning programmes in the expectation that learners can succeed and the maintenance of rigorous quality assurance over the design of learning materials and support services.  This approach is applicable to all education practice and especially to the Tuition and Facilitation of Learning Portfolio.

UNISA provides various facilities and services to cater for its diverse student population. The services that are currently available to students include counsellors and volunteer peer helpers (Bureau for Counselling, Career and Academic Development), the HIV/AIDS Centre that provides essential HIV/AIDS related services, and the Advocacy and Resource Centre for Students with Disabilities.

Definition of Tuition and Facilitation of Learning
The term tuition and facilitation of learning means the range of activities which complement the mass-produced materials which make up the most well-known elements in Open and Distance Learning (ODL).   It is, of course, true that printed course units, television and radio programmes, computer programmes etc., which replace the lecture as a means of delivery, and offer so much both in terms of  social and geographical access, and in terms of cost-effectiveness, support students in central ways.  But the elements of ODL which are commonly referred to as student support are made up of tutoring, whether face-to-face, by correspondence, telephone or electronically; counseling; the organization of study centers; interactive teaching through TV and radio, and other activities.  These activities have as key conceptual components the notion of supporting the individual learning of the student whether alone or in groups, while in contrast the mass-produced elements are identical for all learners

Tuition and Facilitation of Learning Model
Learner Support is a multi-dimensional process including all aspects of the Learner’s engagement with the institution. The challenge towards facilitating  a reasonable chance for success implies that based on the profile, support needs and intended learning relevant activities and interventions be made at the right time.

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