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Translation for Specific Purposes - HTR4802

Honours NQF level: 8 Credits: 24
Module presented in English Module presented online
Purpose: The aim of this module is to expose students to aspects of lexicography and terminology and to equip them with knowledge and skills which they can apply when confronted with specialised texts. Topics that are covered include; Introduction to specialised translation/interpreting: 1. Categorising technical texts; 2. Specialised text types and translation methods; 3. Reformulating to a brief: making technical texts accessible. Terminology skills for translators and interpreters: 1. Terminology theory for translators and interpreters; 2. Collecting, processing and disseminating terminology; 3. Term formation processes; 4. Terminology standardisation; 5. Role of technical translation (also literary and Bible translation) in raising the status of a language; Translators, interpreters and lexicography: 1. Principles of lexicography; 2. Technical dictionaries; 3. Online dictionaries and spell-checkers. Introduction to Corpus-based Translation Studies: 1. Aspects of corpus linguistics; 2. Types of corpora; 3. Corpus tools and programmes; 4. Basic corpus research.