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Translation Method and Function - HTR4801

Honours NQF level: 8 Credits: 24
Module presented in English Module presented online
Purpose: Of this module aims to teach students basic translation techniques and strategies. It covers topics such as: A functional approach to translation: 1. Professional translation: an act of communication; 2. Translation analysis and method. Equivalence at word level: 1. Meaning and translation/interpreting; 2. Problems of non-equivalence at word level; 3. Strategies to deal with non-equivalence at word level. Equivalence above word level: 1. Collocations, fixed expressions; idioms, metaphors; 2. Problems of non-equivalence above word level; 3. Strategies to deal with non-equivalence above word level. Equivalence at text level: 1. Principles of text linguistics (cohesion and coherence); 2. Text typology and text comparison; 3. Problems in obtaining equivalence at text level. Translation as intercultural activity: Practical translation of a variety of text types, e.g. journalistic texts; tourist brochures; biblical texts; public information brochures; editorials; Internet web pages. Practical interpreting of general oral texts will be an option from 2010.