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Purchasing Management - MNP2601

Diploma,Under Graduate Degree Semester module NQF level: 6 Credits: 12
Module presented in English
Pre-requisite: MNB1601 (Not applicable to 98683)
Purpose: Supply chain management is a multifaceted undertaking that extends beyond the capabilities and scope of a single organisation. This module will empower students with the competencies (knowledge, insight, skills, values and attitudes) necessary to contribute to the management of a modern integrated supply chain. The module scrutinises supply chain management from a supply perspective and signals the impact of this approach to certain related areas within the organisation. The fundamental principles of supply chain management are outlined with a particular focus on supplier and customer relationship management. The module further outlines central issues in creating a competitive advantage within an organisationメs supply chain. Additionally, through the utilisation of African case studies, supply chain management is conceptualised and interpreted from an African perspective. The successful student will not only be able to positively contribute to the management of a modern integrated supply chain but will also possess cross-curricular skills such as, the ability to conduct self-evaluations, work in a team and recognise the ethical implications of decisions within certain areas of supply chain management.