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Organisational Communication Research - COM4806

Honours NQF level: 8 Credits: 12
Module presented in English Module presented online
Purpose: To enable students to apply appropriate research methods to different types of organisational communication research problems; To function as a "service" module for Module 05 and to provide students with the research methods which they could apply in their areas of interest (such as corporate brand awareness, corporate communication campaign effectiveness, strategic communication objective attainment, etcetera). To this end you will use this module to develop their field of interest for Module 05. The syllabus for this module comprises two themes: Theme 01: The foundations of social science research: The first theme establishes the foundations of research in the social sciences. Following the introduction to the topic a number of specific aspects are addressed. These include research paradigms in the scientific research like positivism, interpretavism and constructionism. A further focus of the theme is on the systematic nature of research by means of a discussion on ontology, epistemology and methodology. Theme 02: Research methodologies: The second theme focuses on research methodology in depth. The individual methodologies that are explored include qualitative observation and self-report methodologies, survey research, experimental research, action research and literature searches.