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Mass Communication Theory - COM4801

Honours NQF level: 8 Credits: 24
Module presented in English Module presented online
Purpose: In this module students can either specialise in mass communication theory or in film studies. The main purpose of the module is to provide you with knowledge and insight into recent developments in the field of mass communication theory and in the case of film studies, film theory. Such knowledge is indispensable for asking the right kind of research questions and approaching a research problem and for understanding the nature and functioning of media institutions, media content, media production and media audiences. Theme 01: Developments in mass communication theory. For this theme, students are expected to design a research proposal on a topic in the field of the media as an institution, or media content, or media audiences, or media production. A list of research topics is provided in the tutorial letter, but students are welcome to choose an own topic. The research proposal should stand proof of the student's knowledge of media theory related to the research topic.