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International Human Rights Law - LCP4807

Under Graduate Degree Semester module NQF level: 8 Credits: 12
Module presented in English,Afrikaans
Pre-requisite: FUR2601 & LME3701 (LME3701 - not applicable to 98680 for 4th level students, but ONLY for 2018)
Recommendation: Should be taken together with or follow on SCL1501 and ILW1501
Purpose: In line with the primary purpose of the qualification, the primary purpose of this module is to produce lawyers and legal researchers with graduate-level knowledge, specific skills and applied competence on the promotion and protection of human rights, at the international, regional and national level. Furthermore, the module equips students with extensive knowledge of international human rights law and its application in international and municipal law. It also provides an advanced conceptual understanding of the international law on the promotion and protection of human rights. It will also equip students with the skills to apply the appropriate methods, skills and research to apply the principles regarding selected advanced aspects of international human rights in a variety of contexts. The curriculum places equal emphasis on the substance of human rights law, its implementation and research. Completing students will also be able to undertake research in order to produce critical legal arguments from the relevant readings; and with guided support, take responsibility for the legal opinions that they advance.