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Faith, Jesus and Social Change - TIC2603

Under Graduate Degree Semester module NQF level: 6 Credits: 12
Module presented in English
Purpose: To enable students to reflect on Jesus of Nazareth by way of faith, thought and historical perspectives under the following headings: sources, everyday world of Jesus, work and ministry of Jesus, suffering of Jesus (cross), new life of Jesus (resurrection); make sense and be able to portray three broad sense-making trajectories in which Jesus had been placed in history, namely God-centred, human-centred and salvation-centred approaches; reflect on approaches of salvation that range from views that imprison salvation spiritually in churches and in heaven to views in which salvation materially embraces and permeates societies as good earthly human living; investigate and be aware of the linkage between classical titles of Jesus and those from black African cultures such as ancestor, master of initiation, chief or king or potentate, elder brother or sister and healer; reflect on and contextualise the main historical problem-settings that emerged around Jesus Christ contextually in his or her own world such as divinityナ humanityナsalvation; 'preexistentナ post-existent; trinityナJesusメ humanity; salvation-nowナsalvation-in-heaven; Commonwealth of Godナchurch, etc.