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Educational Studies in context - ESC3701

Certificate Year module NQF level: 7 Credits: 12
Module presented in English
Purpose: The purpose of the module is to encourage qualifying graduates to reflect critically on the various philosophies of education and come to an understanding of the possible meaning of education to the students and to their communities. The module prepares qualifying graduates to discuss the relationships between the various theoretical frameworks, with special emphasis on African philosophy and epistemological traditions including Indigenous Knowledge Systems (IKS). The module will also provide qualifying graduates with an understanding of the social nature of education as a process and schooling as an evolving social construct to maximise opportunities for teaching and learning by means of social interaction. The module will serve as a framework for the analysis of social change in the South African education and schooling system, with emphasis on issues, such as constitutional and educational values, social stratification in education (i.e. social processes - socialisation, social change, social mobility, social justice), linked to services learning community involvement.