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Distribution Theory II - STA2603

Under Graduate Degree Semester module NQF level: 6 Credits: 12
Module presented in English
Pre-requisite: STA1502 or XTA1502 & (DSC1520 or DSC1620) or (STA1503 (or XTA1503) & MAT1512 (or XAT1512) Co-requisite: STA2610 (only for BCom students)
Purpose: To gain insight into the role that formal theory plays in data analytic methods, discussing a wide variety of discrete and continuous distributions simultaneously. After completion students should understand the joint probability structure of two random variables (discrete and continuous case); be able to calculate expectation, variance, covariance, conditional expectation and moment-generating functions; have insight into distributions of functions of independent random variables; prove the law of large numbers and the central limit theorem under fairly strong assumptions; comprehend how the Chi-square, t, and F distributions are derived from the normal distribution.