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Biblical Archaeology and Every Day Life in the Biblical World - HBA4804

Honours NQF level: 8 Credits: 24
Module presented in English Module presented online
Purpose: To introduce students to everyday-life in Biblical times as informed by Biblical Archaeology. It is an attempt to present a picture of Israelite life experienced by ordinary families during the Iron Age, stretching from about 1250 to 586 BC. It aims to kindle students imagination and deepen their understanding of the chronological and cultural gaps that separate the world of the Bible from the present-day world we live in and the life style we are accustomed to. Awareness of this gap serves as a precautionary measure against reading the Bible in a literalist way as if it speaks a universal language for all times. Everyday life as informed by Biblical Archaeology in this context refers to archaeological finds that shed light on ancient Israel; living conditions regarding town life, home life, country life, industrial and military life, and civil and professional life. Pictorial images (iconography), created by means of seals and scarabs, as well as art objects like stone reliefs and monuments are most effective tools to assist our understanding of the general living conditions of ancient cultures.