Department of Mining, Minerals and Geomatics Engineering

Welcome to the Department of Mining Engineering.

The Department of Mining Engineering is one of the 6 Departments forming the School of Engineering at the College of Science, Engineering and Technology. The Department strives for excellence and innovation in line with the vision and mission of the University of South Africa. It also adds value by providing mostly online academic services to Mining Engineering and Mine Surveying students scattered across the world. A footprint is also established in terms of high-quality scientific research for the benefit of the South African, African and international Mining industry.

The Department is fully committed in giving support and paving the way to a sustainable future in Science, Engineering and Technology. This is done by taking cognisance of the diverse cultures prevalent in the mining sector and in academic institution of tertiary learning. With the online tuition mode, the Department also contributes to growing access to Higher Education in a sector where the training of the future generation of mining professionals is an imperative.

The Department offers a variety of vocational Diploma and Advanced Diploma programmes in Mining Engineering and Mine Surveying that are fully accredited with two statutory bodies: the Engineering Council of South Africa and the South African Geomatics Council. The Department is also awaiting the introduction of the Bachelor of Engineering Technology Honours in Mining Engineering for the benefit of the mining industry in particular and allied industries in general.

Last modified: 2023/08/07