Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Building Science

Civil engineering is an art based on wide knowledge, the ability to think creatively, and involves the planning, design, construction and management of projects.

To plan and complete a civil engineering project requires knowledge of the qualities and properties of materials. A project should furthermore be executed in a technically correct manner and comply with the client's requirements. This is accomplished by examining the technical possibilities and financial viability of such a project. Supervision over all the design and construction work requires managerial skills and therefore knowledge of non-technological matters such as economic, financial, legal and labour issues.

The civil engineer will, individually or as part of a team, be responsible for one or more of the following: site surveying, geotechnical investigations, earthworks, planning and design, detail drawings, computer analyses, bill of quantities, cost estimates, specifications, tender documents, project programmes, inspections, the testing of materials and certificates of payments.

Last modified: 2023/08/07