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A research paper published by Unisa’s Institute for the Development of Energy for African Sustainability (IDEAS) recently featured on Wiley’s science news platform. Reaction of ethylene over a typical Fischer‐Tropsch synthesis Co/TiO2 catalyst, published in July in a new Wiley journal, Engineering Reports, was chosen from hundreds of publications worldwide to feature on this news channel.

Wiley is one of the leading academic publishers in the world, with over 1 600 journals in its portfolio. Every week, it selects 10 outstanding research publications from its vast output of scientific and engineering journal papers and reports on these on a science platform called Advanced Science News in China.

"This is the first time research work from Unisa, and, indeed, South Africa, has been featured on this official Wiley news platform. It provided the first direct experimental evidence to a long-debated reaction mechanism theory in Fischer Tropsch Synthesis, where South Africa is still leading in its industrialisation," says Prof Diane Hildebrandt, Director of IDEAS.

The research was a team effort by final-year PhD students Yusheng Zhang, Mgcini Tshwaku and Jianli Chang, with Prof Xinying Liu as the corresponding author. The link for the news (in Chinese) can be found at

* By Diane Hildebrandt, Professor of Chemical Engineering and Director of the Institute for the Development of Energy for African Sustainability

Publish date: 2020/09/17