Department of Private Law

Dr CS van der Westhuizen

College of Law
School of Law
Department: Private Law
Senior Lecturer
Tel: 012 429 8525


  • BA (Latin and English) (UFS)
  • Hons (Latin) (UP)
  • MA (Latin) (UP)
  • LLD (UFS)

Fields of academic interests

Research interests

  • Legal protection of neonates
  • Medically assisted suicide
  • Mediation
  • Medical treatment of children

Field of Specialisation

  • Law of Persons
  • Medical Law
  • Child Law

Journal articles

Case discussion

  • "Amendments to the terms and conditions of a charitable trust 2 Minister of Education v Syfrets Trust Ltd NO 2006 4 SA 205 (K)" [co-author with Dr Magda Slabbert] 2007(1) TSAR pp 206-214.
  • "Death with dignity in lieu of euthanasia" SA Public Law [co-author with Dr Magda Slabbert] 2007(2) SA Public Law pp 366-384.
  • "An historical overview of infanticide in South Africa" 2009 Fundamina vol 15-2 pp 174-192.
  • "Critical-care decisions on neonates and young children in England and Wales — Lessons for South Africa" Obiter (2013)(3) pp 456 - 475
  • "The solution to demands made on parents’ decision-making in the neonatal intensive care unit: Mediation or litigation?" Tydskrif vir Hedendaagse Romeins-Hollandse Reg (2015) pp 63-79.


  • "Geen seks, geen skadevergoeding" Obiter 2011(1) [co-author with Prof Magda Slabbert] pp 204-210.

Articles in unaccredited journals

  • "New legal developments in neonatal health care" Journal of Neonatal Nursing 2014(20).

Accepted for publication

  • The legal protection of premature and critically ill neonates: Can South Africa learn from the Netherlands? *Tydskrif vir Hedendaagse Romeins-Hollandse Reg (May 2017)


  • Compiling guidelines for critical care decisions in NICU