College of Law

NRF Rated Researchers

The National Research Foundation (NRF) has a long history, dating back to 1984, of instituting a system of evaluating and rating researchers. Annually, researchers from universities and research councils - including international researchers - apply for evaluation by the NRF. Evaluated researchers are put in categories that depict their standing within the scientific community. These ratings are difficult to attain and are thus held in high esteem.

For information about ratings, and the criteria applied to each, visit the NRF website:

Unisa is proud of all its NRF-rated researchers. One of the portfolio's goals is to provide the support needed for the university's researchers to attain higher ratings, as well as increase the number of NRF rated researchers in general. Not only is support seen as imperative, but numerous incentives are available to those who are rated as further encouragement in their pursuit of excellence.

Below is a list of Unisa's NRF rated researchers within the College of Law with the rating they currently hold:

Category B

A B rating is given to researchers who enjoy considerable international recognition by their peers for the high quality and impact of their recent research outputs.

Name Department Rating
Prof S Eiselen Private Law B1
Prof J Pretorius Mercantile Law B3

Category C

A C rating is given to established researchers with a sustained recent record of productivity in the field who are recognised by their peers as having:

  1. Produced a body of quality work, the core of which has coherence and attests to ongoing engagement in the field
  2. Demonstrated the ability to conceptualise problems and apply research methods to investigating them.
Name Department Rating
Prof M Kelly-Louw Mercantile Law C1
Prof J Heaton Private Law C1
Prof JM Potgieter Private Law C1
Prof A Loubser Mercantile Law C1
Prof T Pistorius Mercantile Law C1
Prof BC Naudé Criminal and Procedural Law C2
Prof BO Fagbayibo Public, Constitutional and International C2
Prof IM Knobel Private Law C2
Prof A Mangu Public, Constitutional and International C2
Prof A Smith Mercantile Law C2
Prof A W Oguttu Mercantile Law C2
Prof R Kelbrick Mercantile Law C2
Prof H Schulze Mercantile Law C2
Prof E Hurter Mercantile Law C2
Prof J Knobel Private Law C3
Prof WFM Luyt Corrections Management C3
Prof A Hesselink Criminology and Security Science C3
Prof D Govender Criminology and Security Science C3

Category Y

A Y rating is given to young researchers (40 years or younger) who have held the doctorate or equivalent qualification for less than five years at the time of application, and who are recognised as having the potential to establish themselves as researchers within a five-year period after evaluation, based on their performance and productivity of quality research outputs during their doctoral studies and/or early post-doctoral careers.

Name Department Rating
Prof P Stoop Mercantile Law Y1
Prof A Saurombe Mercantile Law Y2
Prof M Swanepoel Jurisprudence Y2