Discipline of Systematic Theology

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Systematic Theology includes the study of the doctrines of the church throughout history, the study of key theologians in history as well as key living theologians, and will equip students in applying the Christian faith and theology to the contexts in which they are living. Systematic Theology in some other institutions might appear the name Dogmatics or Christian doctrine. Students will study the important aspects of the Christian faith as well as important contemporary developments in theology.

Questions that fall within the field of Systematic Theology include:

  • How should we speak about God?
  • Who was Jesus Christ and what did Jesus Christ do?
  • What does it mean to speak of God as Trinity in a context of religious diversity?
  • What does it mean to speak of the world as created in light of environmental destruction?
  • How should we understand the Church when there is such a diversity of churches?
  • How do Christians think about the future, and how does this inform our understanding of the present?
  • What is the relevance of faith today?
  • How does Christian theology dialogue with African traditions?
  • How did developments in Liberation, Black, and Feminist Theology change our understanding of God and faith?
  • How does Christian theology dialogue with other sciences?

Numerous other questions could be added to this list, and an important part of Systematic Theology is developing the important new questions that need to be asked about and within the Christian faith in the various contexts where it is rooted.


Last modified: 2017/03/22