Discipline of Practical Theology

About us

The aim of Practical Theology at UNISA is to equip students with the necessary skills for adequate reflection on theory and practice in the church and community. The multi-faceted fields of interest of the discipline are worship, ritual practices, preaching, community work, challenges in a society, leadership issues, youth ministry, healing ministries, pastoral counselling, music, arts and ministry, religious education and research methodology, to name a few. It thus is clear that Practical Theology is not about pastoral ministry only – it is a discipline concerned with crises on various levels. As the programs in Practical Theology are contextual and relevant to the African experience, they allow students to seek deeply, to express themselves creatively and to use their knowledge in a way that is relevant to their specific contexts.

We aim at developing spiritual and value-based leaders for Africa’s future.

  • Develop your capacity for reflection and building theories for praxis to guide faith communities and society’s actions towards humanity, freedom, equity, justice and reconciliation.
  • Equip yourself to be at the cutting edge of practical theological research, public and community service.
  • Study a degree that is contextual and locally driven and yet in touch with global trends.
  • Drink from your own well for a new future through undergraduate/postgraduate studies.

 Possible career paths:

  • Local and international church ministry.
  • Community work
  • Private pastoral practice
  • Public religious education
  • Service in the public sector
  • Lay ministry, spiritual leadership,
  • Church management
  • Academic career and research expertise in theology.

Last modified: 2017/08/02