Discipline of Philosophy

Learning programmes

Applicants or registered students who wish to major in Philosophy, can enrol for the following learning programmes (bearing in mind the Senate rules for entry to each qualification):

Undergraduate learning programmes:

Honours' learning programme:

  1. Bachelor of Arts Honours in Philosophy (99420)

Postgraduate learning programmes:

  1. Master of Arts in Philosophy (98542)
  2. Doctor of Philosophy (90040 - PHL)

Important information for masters and doctoral studies in Philosophy:

If you have successfully completed the Honours degree, either here at UNISA or at another university, and feel the pull towards more philosophical investigation, then you may want to think about registering for a further degree. A Discipline document which guides students in the process of registering for a higher degree in Philosophy and in starting the programme of study is entitled "Study with a view to a master's or doctor's degree in Philosophy."

The Introduction points out that "Work towards a master's or a doctor's degree differs materially from undergraduate and Honours studies. Whereas the latter programme consists of work taught and supervised by lecturers who plan the study objectives and the syllabus, the former is based on the original research of the student, with the lecturer fulfilling a role in the background as a supervisor or promoter. It therefore goes without saying that different considerations from those that applied at undergraduate and Honours level will hold good for the advanced students, from the deliberations that precede the setting in motion of such a study to the requirements for the carrying out and completion of that study."

Further topics which are covered by the brochure include

  • Tuition and the various degrees offered in the Department
  • Admission to and registration for master's and doctoral studies (including the research proposal and conditions for foreign students)
  • Organization of study
  • The writing of the dissertation or thesis
  • The submission of the dissertation or thesis
  • Re-registration
  • Suspension of registration

There is more detailed information on the composition of a research proposal, and a list of texts on the writing of dissertations/theses, in the Appendices.

Finally, your attention is drawn to the following documents outlining officially approved policy and procedures with respects to all future Master's and Doctoral registrations at UNISA.

Last modified: 2017/08/30