Department of Biblical and Ancient Studies

Prof SJ Weil

College of Human Sciences
School of Humanities
Department: Biblical and Ancient Studies
Research Fellow


  • D. Phil. (Sussex University, UK)
  • M.A. (Sussex University, UK)
  • B.A. Sociology (LSE, UK)

Fields of academic interests

  • Social anthropology.
  • Sociology.

Field of Specialisation

  • Ethnicity (Ethiopian Jews, Indian Jews).
  • Gender (Femicide).
  • Ritual (Bible, rites of passage).


  • Shulman, D. and Weil, S. 2008 Karmic Passages: Israeli Scholarship on India, New Delhi: Oxford University Press.
  • Weil, S. 2009 (Third reprint) India's Jewish Heritage: Ritual, Art and Life-Cycle, Mumbai: Marg Publications [first published in 2002; second reprint 2004].
  • Trevisan Semi, E.and Weil, S. 2011 Beta Israel: the Jews of Ethiopia and Beyond, Venice: Cafoscarina.
  • Weil, S., Corradi, C. and Naudi, M.2018 Femicide across Europe: theory, research and prevention, University of Bristol: Policy Press.

Select book chapters:

  • Weil, S. 2016a “The Unification of the Ten Lost Tribes with the Two “Found” Tribes”. In: Parfitt, T and Fisher N (eds) Becoming Jewish: New Jews and Emerging Jewish Communities in a Globalized World, Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, pp. 25-35.
  • Weil, S. 2016b “The Complexities of Conversion among the ‘Felesmura’”. In: Eloi Ficquet, Ahmed Hassen and Thomas Osmond (eds.), Movements in Ethiopia, Ethiopia in Movement: Proceedings of the 18th International Conference of Ethiopian Studies. Addis Ababa: French Center for Ethiopian Studies, Institute of Ethiopian Studies of Addis Ababa University; Los Angeles: Tsehai Publishers, Vol. 1 pp.435-445.
  • Weil, S. and Mitra, N. 2016c ‘Femicide of Girls in India’. In:  Edited by: Veronika Bezinsky, Andrada Filip, Luma Kamel, Claire Laurent, Saide Mobayed, Kathryn Platzer, Michael Platzer eds. Femicide 6: Violence against Girls in Flight. Vienna: ACUNS.
  • Weil, S. 2018a 'Indian Judaic Traditions' (new edition). In: Sushil Mittal and Gene Thursby (eds) Religions in South Asia, New York and London: Routledge, Taylor and Francis Group, pp.186-205.
  • Weil, S. 2018b “Ermias Essayas: A ‘Forgotten’ Ethiopian Jew in Jerusalem”. In: Dario Miccoli, Marcella Simoni and Giorgia Foscarini (eds.) Homelands and Diasporas: Perspectives on Jewish Culture in the Mediterranean and Beyond- Festschrift for Emanuela Trevisan Semi, Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, pp. 14-26.

Journal articles

Select journal articles:

Professional positions, fellowships & awards

  • 1996  De Roy Testamentary Foundation Medal of Excellence in Education - for initiating and directing the Ethiopian Teachers’ Training Program in Israel, Hebrew.
  • 1992-2000 Founding Chair: Israel-India Friendship Association.
  • 2005-2012 President, SOSTEJE (Society for the Study of Ethiopian Jewry).
  • 1990-2017 Grants from Taube, Koret, HJH and other Foudations.
  • 2007-2011 Editor, European Sociologist.
  • 2013-2017 Chair: COST Action IS1206 “Femicide across Europe".
  • 2017 GIAN Distinguished Professor, JNU, Delhi.


  • Chair of 80 person committee from 30 countries till 2017: COST project on  “Femicide across Europe”.
  • PNIMA-Project for Migrant Women and Children, Israel.
  • Programme for Educational Leadership for Ethiopian Jews in Israel.


Prof Shalva Weil is a senior researcher at Prof. Shalva Weil the Hebrew University, Mt. Scopus, Jerusalem and a research fellow in the Department of Biblical and Ancient Studies, UNISA.