Department of Biblical and Ancient Studies

Dr R Evans

College of Human Sciences
School of Humanities
Department: Biblical and Ancient Studies
Research Fellow


  • DLitt et Phil (Unisa)

Fields of academic interests

  • Ancient Greek and Roman History
  • Classical Languages

Field of Specialisation

  • Ancient Sicily and Magna Graecia
  • Roman Republic and Early Empire
  • Ancient Pergamum
  • Battlefields in Antiquity


Books and book chapters:


  • Roman Conquests: Asia Minor, Syria and Armenia (2011)
  • A History of Pergamum: Beyond Hellenistic Kingdom (2012)
  • Fields of Death: Retracing Ancient Battlefields (2013)
  • Fields of Battle: Retracing Ancient Battlefields (2015)
  • Ancient Syracuse: From Foundation to Fourth Century Crisis (2016)


  • Mass and Elite in the Greek and Roman Worlds: From Sparta to Late Antiquity (2017)
  • Prophets and Profits: Ancient Divination and its Reception (2018)

Journal articles

  • ‘The Capture of Sybaris (510 BC) and the Siege of Mantinea (386/5 BC): History Repeating Itself?’ Acta Classica 57 (2014) 225-232.
  • ‘South Africa’s Changing Linguistic Frontiers: Latin Mottoes in Schools and Universities,’ Language Matters 46 (2015) 139-156.
  • ‘Pompey’s Three Consulships: The End of Electoral Competition in the Late Roman Republic?’ Acta Classica 59 (2016) 80-100.
  • ‘Herodotus and the Missing Sphinx,’ Journal for Semitics 25 (2016) 15-32.
  • ‘Livy on Mass and Elite Interaction in Syracuse in 214 BC: Libertas, Multitudo, Uxores,’ in (ed. R. Evans) Mass and Elite in the Greek and Roman Worlds: From Sparta to Late Antiquity, London (2017) 49-61 = Acta Classica Supplement 7
  • ‘Was Didyma (Branchidae) a False Oracle?’ in (ed. R. Evans) Prophets and Profits: Ancient Divination and its Reception, London (2018) 16-30 = Acta Classica Supplement 9
  • ‘The Misleading Representation of Dion as Philosopher-General in Plutarch’s Life,’ forthcoming in (ed.) P.R. Bosman, Intellectual and Empire in Graeco-Roman Antiquity, London (2018) 102-115 = Acta Classica Supplement 8


  • Volume: Piracy, Pillage and Plunder in Antiquity: Appropriation and the Ancient World (co-editor with M. de Marre in progress)
  • Volume: The Art of Generalship from Early to Late Antiquity (co-editor with S. Tougher in progress)