Department of Linguistics and Modern Languages

Department of Linguistics and Modern Languages

The Department of Linguistics and Modern Languages houses the disciplines of Applied Linguistics, French, General Linguistics, Mandarin, Portuguese and Translation Studies.

Linguistics, the study of language, tries to answer questions such as what all languages have in common, how languages differ from one another, what kind of varieties occur within a single language, how written and spoken forms of language differ, how children acquire language, why languages change and whether differences among groups in society are reflected in their language. 

The Modern Languages - French, Mandarin, and Portuguese – are increasingly used to communicate internationally. In our Department, the offerings in these disciplines include language, cultural and literary studies.

We offer undergraduate majors in French, Mandarin, Linguistics, and Portuguese, Honours degrees, and Masters and Doctoral qualifications. Please click on the tab 'Qualifications' for more information.

Our research projects include, among others, spoken language corpora for African languages, sign language, interpreting corpus and multilingual health translation corpus, multilingual language learning, first and second-language acquisition, literacy research, literary studies, youth and colloquial languages.

The Department is proud to have Research Fellows from all over the world who collaborate with us on research projects and academic publications.

Last modified: 2023/08/07