Institute for Social and Health Sciences (ISHS)

About Us


Africa-centred community engaged transdisciplinary institute of excellence in the social and health sciences with global reach


Enact liberatory compassionate scholarship and activism in the service of human development

Strategic Goals

  • Conduct transdisciplinary, community-engaged and liberatory research in niche areas
  • Offer analytically oriented services, research-based information and specialist advice to government, corporate and civil society actors
  • Provide postgraduate training and internship opportunities for next-generation scholars and change agents
  • Produce knowledge resources and promote their use, reach and influence in society
  • Grow partnerships and collaborations for research, training and public engagement
  • Create an enabling platform for the efficient and effective operational functioning and management of the Institute

Foundational Principles

  • Criticality – Questioning privilege and advancing liberation
  • Community – Building solidarity
  • Centeredness – Positioning Africa
  • Citizenship – Participating in public life 
  • Collaboration – Working together
  • Compassion – Caring and non-exploitative scholarship

Last modified: 2020/05/07