Department Adult Community and Continuing Education

Prof KP Quan-Baffour

College of Education
School of Educational Studies
Department: Adult Basic Education
Tel: 012 484 2808


  • Adult Education
  • Indigenous knowledge in Adult Ed
  • Non-formal Adult Education


  • D.Ed. Adult Educ. (UNISA, 2001)
  • M.Ed. Adult Educ. (UNISA, 1995)
  • MA Dev Studies (UFS, 2004)
  • M.Ed. Ed. Mgt. (UNISA, 2006)

Currently teaching

Courses taught (Honours & Masters)

  • Adult teaching and learning methodology [Methods of teaching adults]
  • Educational (school) leadership/ Management of the school as an organisation
  • Leadership in policy management of the school
  • Managing Adult Basic Education in Context for Development
  • Research Methods in Education
  • Curriculum development in [adult] education

Fields of academic interests

Research Interests:

  • Researching African Indigenous Knowledge Systems for Adult Education
  • Vocational Education/ NFE (skills training) for Job Creation
  • Basic Education & Training for Vulnerable People/Communities
  • Training School Governing Bodies in Rural Communities for School Improvement

Field of Specialisation

  • Adult Education ( NFE, Methods of Teaching Adults & Curriculum Development)
  • Educational Management (School Organisation & Leadership)
  • Development Studies ( Education & Development; Rural Tourism)


  • Quan-Baffour, K P. & Pipim Buaduo.  N A. 2011. Sankofaism: Reinventing Africa From Its Indigenous Philosophies. LAMBERT Academic Publications Ltd

Book Chapters

  • Quan-Baffour, KP.  2008. Rural Women and Sustainable Environmental Management in Developing Countries. In Environment and Health in Developing Countries: Managing Emergent Crisis. Owusu Y (Ed). Springler Publisher Ltd. Ottawa.
  •  Quan-Baffour, KP. 2009. Rural Tourism in South Africa: The Case of Damdoryn and Bufflespoort Dams. In A Handbook of Business Practice and Growth in Emerging Markets. World Scientific Publishing Co. Ltd.
  • Quan-Baffour, KP, 2015. Supporting the Post graduate Students at a distance: A Personal Encounter.  In Practical and Critical Issues in Open Distance Learning Ravhudzulo, A (Ed.) University of South Africa press.
  • Quan-Baffour, KP 2017. Indigenous Food Preservation and Management of Postharvest Losses Among the Akan of Ghana. Handbook of Research on Social, Cultural and Educational Considerations. Ngulube P. (Ed),. I G I Publication.
  •  Quan-Baffour, KP, (copy right 2018). A Systemic view of the Value of Environmental Conservation: The Case of Bono Takyiman, Ghana. Mclntyre, J.(Ed.). Balancing Individualism and Collectivism. Springer Publishing Ltd  

Journal articles

  • Quan-Baffour, KP. (2005). Enhancing Learning at a Distance Through Listening: Strategies of Student Support in Open Distance Learning.   Journal of Open & Distance Education Vol. 1 No 2,  Pages 57-72
  •  Quan-Baffour, KP. (2005). Partnerships: A New Paradigm for Fostering Enduring Parents’ Involvement in Children’s Education.  Journal of Special Education, University of Winneba Vol.  IV No 1 pages 121- 128
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Papers accepted for publication in 2017

  • Quan-Baffour, KP, Addae, D.( 2017).The pedagogical value of the Lecture Method: The Case Study of a Non-Formal Education Programme in Ghana. Africa Education Review Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group
  • Quan-Baffour, KP (2017).The School Governing Body in South Africa: An Innovation for Productive Parents’ Involvement in Education? Journal of Educational Studies, University of Venda, RSA.
  • Quan-Baffour, KP. (2017).Lessons From Akan Heritage: Rural Adults’ Ingenuity In Indigenous Food Preservation to Manage Post-Harvest Losses in Ghana. Indilinga: African Journal of Indigenous Knowledge Systems, UKZN

Paper presentations

  • 2003 National Association for Distance Education, South Africa (NADEOSA). Presented a Paper at International Conference ON Distance Teaching Approaches. St. John’s College, Johannesburg
  • 2003 Attended a symposium on “Quality Assurance in Higher Education: Problems and Promise at  the University of  South Africa UNISA, Pretoria, Senate Hall, 12 August
  • 2003 OBE: Taxonomy of Learning Outcomes and Assessment Strategies by Roy Killian UNISA, Pretoria, Samuel Pauw  Building  23 September
  • 2004 Presented a paper on Quality control/Quality Assurance at FOTIM International Conference, Ormonde, Johannesburg    3-5 August
  • 2004 Co-presented a two day workshop on Curriculum Design in Relation to SAQA/ NQF Florida UNISA Campus for UNISA academics 15- 16 March 
  • 2004 Presented a paper to UNISA Academics on Quality Assurance and Assessment  in ODL Senate Hall, 2 April
  • 2004 Presented 1 day Workshop on ODL to 13 Academics from Eduardo Mondlane University, Mozambique, ICLD Conference Room, UNISA. 5 July
  • 2004 Organised and presented 5 days’ workshop for 12 Nigerian Academics from National Institute of Educational Planning and Administration (NIEPA) on ODL UNISA, ICLD Conference Room 3- 7 Sept
  • 2005 Presented a 2 day workshop for 10 Chinese Academics on Learner Profile and its relevance in ODL context at UNISA, ICLD Seminar Room. 17 June
  • 2005 Attended SASE International Conference  and presented a paper on the need for Partnership between school and community; Eduardo Mondlane University, Mozambique
  • 2006 SASE Conference & paper presentation Manhattan Hotel, Pretoria Sept 23-27
  • 2007 International conference on Africa & paper presentation. Feb 12 -15, North West University, Mahikeng Campus
  • 2007 Africa conference on environment & paper presentation, La Palm Beach Resort, Accra, Ghana
  • 2008 World Indigenous People’s Conference on Education & paper presentation, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, Dec 13-17
  • 2009 International Society for the protection of child abuse and neglect& paper presentation, Perth, Australia Dec 15-20
  • 2009 Conference on Distance education & paper presentation, University of Mumbai, India 29 Dec- 2nd Jan  2010
  • 2010 Attended and presented a paper at South African Folklore Society Conference, UNISA Pretoria.  27-29 September.
  • 2010 International Conference on Education & paper presentation University of Turkey, Istanbul, June 13 – 18
  • 2011 Comperative International Education Society Conference * paper presentation, Montreal, Quebec, Canada 29 May – 3 June
  • 2011 Attended and presented a paper at the Association for Evaluation and Assessment in Southern Africa (ASEASA) Quest Conference Estate, Curie Boulevard, Vanderbijl Park 11-13 July
  • 2011 Read a paper at the Distance Education Teacher Training in Africa Conference, Eduardo Mondlane University, Maputo 2- 5 August
  • 2011 Read paper at African Studies Association of Australia and Pacific 30 November - 5 December
  • 2011 Read a paper at the Education Association of South Africa Conference, Sun City, North West province. Title of paper: Partnership in Leadership: Exploring the emerging partnership between schools and communities in rural South Africa
  • 2012 Read a paper at the Education Association of South Africa Conference, Mpekweni Holiday Resort, Eastern Cape 18-21 January. Title of paper:  Adult Basic Education as an empowerment tool for rural women in Taung, North West Province
  • 2012 Attended OSSREA Conference and presented a paper on appropriate curriculum   that can ensure jobs for school leavers in South Africa. UNISA, O R Tambo, 19 July
  • 2012 Attended the international Conference on Teaching Practice at a distance and presented a paper on the need for ODL Institutional to collaborate with local education stakeholders for effective teaching practice, St George Hotel, Centurion August 6 – 8.
  • 2012 Presented a paper at the international conference  for African Association for Australia and Pacific ( AFSAAP) on Ubuntu in the classroom ( Nov 27-29)
  • 2013 Attended SAFOS Conference at Tswane University of Technology and presented a paper on Akan wise sayings and their relevance to school leadership in Africa today (19-21 Sept)
  • 2013 Attended SAAFEC Conference at St George Hotel, Pretoria and presented paper on  strategies to mitigate human trafficking in Ghana ( Feb 25-28)
  • 2013 Attended international conference on the history slave  trade at GIMPA, Accra, Ghana and presented paper on  Human trafficking as the modern day slavery  (July 29-31
  • 2013 Attended  the Global conference on Education at the University of Riverside, California  and presented paper on  learner-centred teaching in adult education  (August 29-31)
  • 2013 Presented a paper at Southern Africa Association for Folklore Studies( SAFOS) and delivered a paper on the use of Akan idioms in guiding and counselling students in Ghanaian high schools at the university of Cape Town (Sept 4-7)
  • 2013 Attending International conference on Indigenous Knowledge Systems in Modernised Africa at Tswane University of Technology to present a paper on the Socio-Religious significance of Apo festival at Bono Takyiman in Ghana  (25-27 Sept)
  • 2014 Education Association of South Africa Annual Conference; Golden Gate Hotel, Clarens.  Paper read ; Education and Training programmes for Young adults: A Comparative study of the University of South Africa and the University of Ghana Jan 12-15
  • 2014 Community Engagement Symposium, UNW Vaal Campus, Riverside Hotel, Vanderbijilpark, March 10-11. Paper read: Partnership in Engagement: Community and School Teaching Small-Scale Farming at St. Paul’s School, Taung
  • 2014 International Conference onTeacher Education at a Distance Conference, Kwa- Maritane Resort, Sun City, RSA, 10-12 April paper presented: Instructional Supervision and Divide and Rule Tactics: Agenda to Undermine Supervisory Hierarchy Within the Faculty?
  • 2014 African Studies Association for Australasia and Pacific (AFSAAP)  Dunedin ,New Zealand 26-28 November. Paper read: Lessons from Akan Heritage: Rural Adults’ Ingenuity in Indigenous Food Preservation to Manage Post-Harvest Losses in Ghana
  • 2014 Attended Annual Conference on Indigenous Knowledge Systems and Arts at Tswane University of Technology. Sept 17-19. Paper presented: Promoting Cultural Identity and Patriotism Among Ghanaian Youth Through Akan Folksongs
  • 2015 Attended Education Association of South Africa ( EASA) Conference at Legend  Golf Resort in Mokgopong 13- 15 January Peper presented: The School Governing Body in South Africa: An Innovation for Productive Parents’ Involvement in Education?
  • 2015 Attended Association for Education Development in Africa (AEDA) at Protea Hotel Cape Town 13-15 April. Paper presented: Soap and Gari Manufacturing: Formalising the Informal Indigenous Vocational Education for Socio-Economic Development  of Bono Takyiman, Ghana
  • 2015 Attended the South African International Conference on Educational Technologies( SAICET) at Manhattan Hotel, Pretoria: Paper presented- In Tandem with adult Learners: Mobile phone as Learner Support Gadget in Distance Teacher Training at Cape Varsity, Ghana

Professional positions, fellowships & awards

  • Since 2007 Promoted/supervised 3 Masters and 9 Doctoral studies to completion
  • 2008- 2009 led  in transforming an Institute into a full academic department at UNISA
  • 2005. Organised and presented one week workshop/seminar on  writing materials for distance learners for 12 academics from National Institute for Educational Administration (NIEPA)  Ondo;  Nigeria
  • Between 2005- 2015 awarded more than 8 grants to attend international  research conferences overseas- Canada, Australia, Turkey, India, Ghana, USA, Mozambique, Botswana, Germany etc
  • 2006: Invited by SABC Africa to participate in life discussion on the Theme: The ‘African Curriculum’ [4 April].
  • 2007: Invited by SABC Africa for life TV discussions on the problem Human Trafficking in Africa. [7 September]
  • 2007: At International Conference on Africa, University of North West, Mahikeng Life interview by SABC Africa on Indigenous African Philosophy- Sankofa
  • 2008: Melbourne World Indigenous people’s conference; interviewed by an American Television Crew on African Indigenous People’s issues.
  • Awarded 3 Masters and 1 Doctoral Degrees between 1995 and 2007 at UNISA and University of the Free State.
  • Have published over 55 articles and 4 book chapters in National and International Peer Reviewed Journals since 2004
  • 2006 as Curriculum and Learning Designer contributed to the writing of a sampler to guide UNISA academics to write for students in ODL environment.
  • Since 2007 serve on a reviewing board for international Journals e.g. Scientific Journal International, Journal of Education [UKZN], Southern African Journal for Folklore Studies, Progressio: South African Journal of Open Distance Education, Kamla- Raj Enterprises(KRE).
  • 2009-2010 provided two sets of workshops on writing for publication for 13 academics at the Central University of Technology, Welkom Campus.
  • 2011 Organised two successful departmental seminars and invited two renowned African Scholars to present papers on youth/ adult development in South Africa
  • 2011  Appointed Associate Editor of Journal of Education, an open access Peer Reviewed Journal
  • 2009- 2012 Voluntary consultant to the National Prosecuting Authority on Human Trafficking in the African continent
  • Guest Editor 2011 Special issue; Journal of Latin American Studies, UNISA Vol. 1 No. 1 2011  ISBN 0256-6060
  • 2011- 2014 Invited by Radio UNISA to discuss Adult Education & Youth Development issues in South Africa & the continent
  • Visiting Professor for Masters an Doctoral in Educational Leadership and Management programme at the University of Education, Winneba, Ghana from 2013-
  • External examiner in Teacher Education for the following Universities- North West, Fort Hare, Central University of Technology, Free State  (all RSA), Cape Coast and Legon (Ghana)
  • Inuagural Lecture 11/11/ 2011 : Professor Kofi Poku Quan-Baffour
    Title of lecture: Education for development: Adult Basic Education as a tool for Socio-Economic Transformation.


Community Engagement  & Research Activities

  • Training School Governing Body Members for school improvement rural communities (South Africa).
  • Organising car attendants in Sunnyside for sustainable jobs
  •  Voluntary consultant for National Prosecuting Authority  on Human Trafficking
  • Vocational education for adults
  • Traditional Healers and Basic Education Project
  • Comparative study of African indigenous savings in Ghana and South Africa
  • Evaluation of Kha Ri Gude literacy project in KZN, EC & Limpopo
  • Researching African indigenous knowledge systems


Brief bio

Prof Kofi Poku Quan-Baffour holds a D.Ed, in Adult Education from Unisa. His doctoral research focused on the evaluation of adult learning (basic education) programmes. Quan-Baffour is a full Professor and Chair of the Department of Adult Basic Education. Kofi, as he prefers to be called, sees education as the most effective tool for development. He has taught in schools, colleges and universities in Ghana, Lesotho, Botswana and South Africa. Having obtained all three Master's and a Doctoral degree through distance learning he has the firsthand experience of the value of student support. As a researcher in Indigenous Knowledge Systems, Kofi believes that the African Philosophy of Ubuntu [love and support] must be practiced in ODL too. Prof Quan-Baffour has published over 35 articles in peer reviewed international and local accredited journals, co-authored one book on Indigenous Knowledge Systems, contributed chapters to 3 different books and successfully supervised a number of Master's and Doctoral research studies in his fields of study. He is a Christian and is married with three children.

Membership of Academic and Professional Associations:

  • Member of  UNISA Senate, School/ College Management Committee; Research and Higher Degrees Committees
  • African Studies Association of Australia and Pacific, Comparative International  Education Societies, World Indigenous Peoples’ Congress on Education, Education Association of Southern Africa, International  Society for Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect
  • Reviewer for journals- African Education Review, The Anthropologist (Anth),  Muziki: Journal of Music Research in Africa, Educational Research and Reviews, Scientific Journal international, International Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning.
  • Guest Editor 2012:  Journal of Latin American Report

External Examination:

External Examiner for Masters’ and Doctoral Dissertations/Theses for the following Universities: Fort Hare, Ghana, North West, Central University of Technology &Venda