Namibia alumni chapter elects a new convenor

On Friday, 23 August 2019, at a dinner engagement at the Hilton Hotel in Windhoek, a new convenor, namely Ms Rauna Namukwambi, was elected for the Namibia Alumni Chapter.


The new committee of the Namibia Alumni Chapter.

The new committee will consist of five members: Ms Hendrina Kamati, Mr Nafimane Halweendo, Mr Douglas Claasen, Mr Paulinus Sheehama and Dr Lisho Mundia. 

 Ms Amanda Tlale, Manager for Alumni Relations, facilitated the election process and thanked the alumni for taking an active role in the future of the Namibia Alumni Chapter.  She reiterated the fact that six alumni who stood for elections is testament of where this Chapter is heading.

Mr Frankie Mojapelo spoke about fundraising and the challenges Africa is currently facing.  “According to ILO Youth Trends of 2017, Africa, the world’s youngest region, continues to be confronted with high levels of unemployment, vulnerable employment and working poverty with little signs of potential recovery,” he said. He further stated that the youth population is expected to double, to over 830 million, by 2050 and therefore additional necessities in terms of support, student welfare and throughput rate require Unisa to re-dedicate itself to: 

  • transforming the curriculum that is relevant to solving global challenges
  • improving teaching and learning to increase throughput and complete on rate
  • creating positive experiences for our students

The ever-increasing demand for higher education will cause huge shortfalls in funding of students who cannot pay for themselves, and that is why alumni giving specifically towards the Namibia Chapter will be an investment in the future of the African continent. 

More about the convenor:

Who are you?


Rauna N Namukwambi

I am Rauna N Namukwambi, currently employed as a full-time lecturer at the University of Namibia, Southern Campus, responsible for Community Health Nursing Science and Microbiology.
I am a passionate about public health, research and strategic management.

Where do you see the Chapter going?

I see the Chapter expanding with its membership of alumni of Unisa across Namibia. I am looking forward to doing fundraising activities that will contribute towards the alumni association.

What did you study at Unisa and how was your experience?

I have studied a Master of Public Health with Unisa and am currently doing my PhD. My experience was good and I gained a lot of knowledge regarding research. My research supervisor guided me well and, as a result, I have completed my course in the required time.

Her contact details are as follows:

Rauna N Namukwambi – New convenor

E-mail address:

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