Act as role models to current students

Dr Tonny Kambi Masha (University of Fort Hare), Mondli Nhlangulela (Unisa Convocation), Adv. Boniswa Agrinett Mzimba (Convenor: East London Chapter ), Frankie Mojapelo (Deputy Director: DIA), and Motale J Nkgoang (Regional Director: Eastern Cape)

The Alumni Association hosted an alumni breakfast chapter in East London on 25 May 2019 at Premier Hotel ICC.

The purpose of the event was for the Alumni Association to meet up with alumni within the Eastern Cape Region to inform and encourage them to:

  • Remain connected with the institution
  • Contribute donations to assist current students who are struggling financially in terms of paying their fees
  • Contribute positively to Unisa’s governance and development in its quest to becoming the African university shaping futures in the service of humanity

Dr Phasoane Mokgobu (VP: Institutional Development and Transformation)

The representative from Unisa Convocation, Mondli Nhlangulela, gave a presentation about the role of Convocation, expressing that it had started convocation workshops to encourage postgraduate students to write articles.
Dr Tonny Kambi Masha, the guest speaker from the University of Fort Hare, gave a presentation about the importance of mentoring and encouraged alumni to act as role models to current students by talking to them in terms of challenges they encountered during their studies and how to overcome those same challenges that the other students are currently facing, which would be motivating. During his presentation, he also mentioned types of mentoring, which could be formal or informal.
Deputy Director of Alumni Relations in the Department of Institutional Advancement, Frankie Mojapelo, spoke about the achievements and challenges facing Unisa, such as high-debt-level students, especially in the College of Education. Many students owe fees to the institution; even those who are employed are still struggling to pay their fees. Mojapelo stressed the importance of alumni to make contributions to Unisa to avoid the problem of student debt and to be able to secure the financial stability of the institution.

Alumni attending the breakfast chapter in the East London Premier Hotel ICC

At the end of the programme, the programme director and Convenor of the East London Chapter, Advocate Boniswa Agrinett Mzimba, encouraged alumni to fill in an Alumni Association form to be able to collect all relevant information, including contact details, so that the office could keep in touch with them.

*By Aphiwe Magayiyane
Communications and Marketing Intern
Eastern Cape Region

Publish date: 2019-07-16 00:00:00.0