Convocation activities

Convocation meetings are held annually. The next meeting will be a virtual meeting to be held on 12 December 2023.

What is Convocation?

At Unisa, the Convocation is responsible for raising matters of concern about the development of the university. An annual meeting provides first-hand information about the strategic direction of the university, policy formulations and other development issues.

In addition, the Convocation advises council or management on matters of present interest and assists the university and the Unisa Foundation with fundraising. It also nominates persons for awards and honorary degrees. The Convocation is represented by two members who are nominated to serve on the Unisa Council.


Every graduate with a degree or diploma is a member of the Convocation and is entitled to attend an annual meeting. Convocation membership also refers to permanent academic employees of the university including the Principal, Vice-Principals, Registrar, Deputy Registrar, Professors Emeriti, retired academic employees, honorary graduates, persons who are or become graduates of the university.

How to raise matters with the Convocation

Matters can be raised by members in a written submission to the secretary or president two weeks before the date of the meeting. However, other issues do get raised during the proceedings of the meeting.

Your submission can be addressed to:

Prof MM Sepota
Acting Registrar
Office: Winnie Madikizela Mandela
Room 10-06

Last modified: 2023/12/04