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Application for admission to semester 2 of 2020

Unisa has an open applications policy, but students should always ensure that the qualifications for which they wish to apply are not oversubscribed for that particular semester or year.

Currently most qualifications are full for the 2020 academic year. Applicants can only apply for qualifications that are open. Please refer to the application tool to view these qualifications. 

Offers for semester 2 will be made during June 2020. Offers to be made will be based on the following: whether you meet the academic admission requirements for your qualification of choice, your minimum points score and the number of places available for the qualification for which you have applied.

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Undergraduate qualifications (higher certificates, diplomas & degrees, advanced certificates, advanced diplomas, BTechs & postgraduate certificates):

New and currently returning students (for qualifications with semester modules): 9 - 26 June 2020
New students for undersubscribed qualifications in CAES & CSET: 9 June - 24 July 2020
Students awaiting results for semester 1 and additions: 9 June - 24 July 2020

Master's & doctoral degrees: 3 January - 29 March 2020 (with some exceptions)


Last modified: 2020/06/30