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Introduction to Mechanics of Fluids - APM4812

Honours Year module NQF level: 8 Credits: 12
Module presented in English Module presented online
Purpose: The purpose of this module is to make students aware of some fundamental aspects of fluid motion, including important fluid properties, regime flow, pressure variations in fluids at rest and in motion, fluid kinematics, methods of flow description and analysis and the Bernoulli equation. This module conveys the essential elements of kinematics, including Eulerian and Lagrangian mathematical description of flow phenomena, and indicates the vital relationship between the two views. The basic analysis methods generally used to solve or to begin solving fluid mechanics problems (linear motion and deformation, angular motion and deformation, conservation of mass, conservation of linear momentum, viscous flow) are also introduced. Emphasis is placed on understanding how flow phenomena are described mathematically and on when and how to use infinitesimal and finite control volumes. Important notions such as boundary layers, transition from laminar to turbulent flow will also be introduced.