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Global Business Management IB - MNB3702

Under Graduate Degree Semester module NQF level: 7 Credits: 12
Module presented in English
Pre-requisite: MNB3701
Purpose: The purpose of this module is to introduce students to both the theories and contemporary practices of Global Business Management and its dynamics in a strategic approach to managing business organisations that operate across borders. Accordingly, this module provides relevant information on and insight into the complexity of business operations in increasingly competitive and dynamic global business environments, the extent and nature of which were largely addressed in the module Global Business Management IA (MNB3701). The current module, and especially its dynamic approach to global leadership and management, devising relevant competitive global business strategies, structuring and managing global business operations, provides an exceptionally appropriate exposure to managers involved in or contemplating involvement in international business. Global business management is multi-disciplinary, and it touches on, inter alia, issues related to the behavioral sciences.