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Contextualising the Old Testament - OTS4804

Honours NQF level: 8 Credits: 24
Module presented in English Module presented online
Purpose: To understand the backdrop against which the Old Testament books were written. Emphasis is also placed on the contribution of archaeology which informs readers about aspects not contained in the biblical text. The period from 1200 BCE until 333 BCE is covered. This information will then be used to guide studetns into the field of study known as theology of the Old Testament. This discipline concerns itself with the entire Old Testament and how it can communicate in new contexts. Students will acquire an understanding of the problems inherent to the practice of Old Testament theology, and be exposed to different approachees to Old Testament theology. They will eventually explore an answer to the question whether the Old Testament has 'a' message or 'a' coherent systematic core of ideas about God, humans and the rest of creation.