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Atomic and Molecular Spectroscopy - AST4884

Honours Year module NQF level: 8 Credits: 12
Module presented in English Module presented online
Purpose: The absorption and emission lines formed by transitions of electrons in atoms, or the changes in the vibrational or rotational state of molecules contains an enormous amount of information about the gas in which these lines are formed. This module applies the method of quantum mechanics to atomic and molecular systems so that the energy eigenvalues of the atom or molecule can be determined, and transition rates between the energy levels calculated. Syllabus: Solutions to Schrodinger Equation for one-electron atom; Corrections to the one-election atrom; Many-electron atoms; Molecules and the Born-Oppenheimer approximation; Molecular spectra: Rotation and Vibration; Interaction of atoms with EM radiation; Selection Rules; Line Shapes and Widths.