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Unisa remains highest contributor to the CA profession in South Africa

The College of Accounting Sciences (CAS) congratulates all candidates who sat for the second sitting of the 2022 Initial Test of Competence (ITC) conducted by the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA). The ITC is one of two board examinations required in order to qualify as a chartered accountant (CA) in South Africa. The second sitting of the 2022 examination took place in June 2022, with the results released on 26 August 2022 by SAICA.

Unisa remains highest contributor to the CA profession in South Africa

A total of 1 658 candidates countrywide wrote the exams. Unisa accounted for a total of 1 011 candidates. Out of the 1 658 candidates, only 412 candidates passed the examination; 168 were from Unisa. This signifies that Unisa remains the country's highest and most significant contributor of chartered accountants and accounting professionals. The university contributed 11% (189 of 1 732) and 41% (168 of 412) to the total pass rate in January and June, respectively. These percentages mean that Unisa accounts for 17% of the total pass rate in the country, while other institutions share the remaining 83%.

According to SAICA's analysis of the examination population, a large percentage of African candidates complete their studies through accredited distance academic providers. Consequently, these providers significantly contribute to the profession achieving its transformation objectives. As such, it is necessary for these institutions to continuously reflect on the efficacy of their programmes and strengthen them accordingly to improve their throughput pass rates.

Dr Moses Hlongoane, Acting Executive Dean of CAS, says: "I acknowledge that there is still a lot that we need to do as the university to support our students." However, he adds that the university should be applauded for the significant contribution to the number of candidates that pass the ITC. "Unisa also takes the lead in the number of black, coloured and Indian candidates who pass the ITC. The university plays a vital role in the transformation agenda of the Chartered Accountants (CA) and the accounting profession at large," Hlongoane stressed.

Leading the transformation agenda

Unisa remains the institution with the most significant number of black candidates whose socioeconomic circumstances make access to contact universities an elusive option. The university, therefore, remains committed to continuing to initiate programmes to support its former students with the necessary support for a better chance to pass the ITC exam. In addition, CAS continues to engage with SAICA to find ways to provide additional support to former students. It is also in the process of appointing a dedicated ITC course coordinator to ensure that former students are adequately prepared for ITC exams.

Prof Cameron Modisane, Acting Deputy Executive Dean of CAS, says the college and its staff continue to work tirelessly to improve the outcome of these results. He adds: "We are proud that we remain the highest contributor of the number of black candidates in the country because these candidates would not ordinally have had the opportunity, but Unisa provides the space for them to pursue their dream towards being chartered accountants." He concludes: "We remain committed as the College of Accounting Sciences to advance and transform the accounting profession in South Africa and to support positive growth and development of the financial, economic and business sectors."

* Compiled by Tshimangadzo Mphaphuli, Acting Editor, Department of Institutional Advancement

Publish date: 2022/08/29