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Tsabiso Letsoela, Chief Executive Officer: Unisa Enterprise

The importance of customer service skills development and training is growing in the wake of the current global pandemic, with customers demanding to be heard more clearly than ever. Certainly, the Coronavirus has had a substantial impact on how customer service is delivered in what is a changing market.

"When Unisa Enterprise (UE) was established a few years ago, we envisioned it as a start-up that would birth new ideas for the betterment of society. It is, therefore, with great excitement that we announce a formidable partnership between UE and City Power. The partnership will ensure that public officials acquire 'must-have' customer service skills that will strengthen their ability to deliver excellent customer service while upholding the highest ethical standards," said Tsabiso Letsoela, Chief Executive Officer of Unisa Enterprise during a customer service workshop. The workshop was held at the City Power headquarters, Johannesburg, in June. He added: "To be able to support the goal set out by the South African government relating to the improvement of service delivery across all sectors of the public domain makes this a remarkable partnership."

Driven by a youthful team that thrives on innovation and passion, the enterprise is redefining the art of customer service in South Africa, thereby amplifying its vision, which is "to shape futures by turning knowledge and ideas into action". Letsoela remarked: "UE reckons this to be the most opportune time where partnerships can contribute to rapid innovation, as the unprecedented climate and its unique challenges demand that we join forces to craft robust solutions and new methods."

As the partnership concentrates on customer service training for City Power stakeholders, with intent to inculcate the culture of customer service in the public sector, it places emphasis on Batho Pele principles infused with acceptable customer service norms and standards. Training programmes being delivered by UE are designed to equip front desk employees in the public service with the knowledge and tools that will enable them to view and treat members of the public as critical stakeholders and key consumers of government services.

The programmes are ongoing and cover areas such as the following:

  • Application of the Batho Pele principles in the workplace.
  • Inculcating a customer service-oriented approach to work among government officials.
  • Appreciating members of the public as key customers for all government services.
  • Developing a servant attitude among government employees.

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* By Mfaniseni Motha, Marketing and Communications Manager, Unisa Enterprise

Publish date: 2021/07/29