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Inhlanyelo Hub explores financing and sustainability at the International Conference on Business Incubation

Prof Raphael Mpofu, CEO of Inhlanyelo Hub, recently participated in the International Conference on Business Incubation in San Antonio, Texas, USA, alongside Prof Annemarie Davis, Nomsa Nkabinde and Dr Tapiwa Muzata. As a keynote speaker, Mpofu addressed the topic of financing. Inhlanyelo Hub Investments Pty Ltd, as a subsidiary of Inhlanyelo Hub NPC, plays a pivotal role in supporting the organisation's broader goals, emphasising technology-mediated learning, research innovation, global impact, student support and future readiness.

Strategic alignment and synergy


Prof Raphael Mpofu

"The symbiotic relationship between Inhlanyelo Hub Investments and Inhlanyelo Hub is evident in our mission and vision synchronisation," emphasised Mpofu. "Inhlanyelo Hub Investments supports high-potential start-ups and technology ventures, directly contributing to our organisation's objectives." This alignment extends across five strategic pillars, including enhancing educational quality through technology and promoting global engagement and research innovation.

Collaborations and partnerships

Mpofu highlighted a key strategy of Inhlanyelo Hub Investments: "We aim to foster robust collaborations with academic institutions, government agencies, industry leaders and international organisations." These partnerships facilitate knowledge transfer, secure funding, provide market access and support global networking efforts. "Such collaborations create an innovative ecosystem while ensuring regulatory support and access to essential resources," he added. Additionally, "Inhlanyelo Hub Investments strategically invests in initiatives such as Inhlanyelo Connect, DigiFranchising and a digital marketplace," explained Mpofu. "These platforms serve as revenue generators and support our organisation's objectives." These initiatives enhance connectivity, offer digital franchising opportunities and create a digital marketplace that fosters community interaction. Revenue models include transaction fees, subscription services, advertising and special event promotions.

Looking ahead, Mpofu outlined the future outlook for Inhlanyelo Hub Investments: "We aim to bolster our organisation's mission through enhanced investment opportunities, increased start-up success rates, strategic exits, impact investing and geographic expansion." This forward-looking approach ensures the financial sustainability of Inhlanyelo Hub, enabling it to advance its educational and entrepreneurial missions effectively. 


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Publish date: 2024/04/19

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