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Don Cobra strikes a new chord: Musician earns a business degree

Don Cobra is known for his catchy tunes, but the artist recently surprised his fans by graduating with a Bachelor of Honours Degree in Business Management at the university’s #2024AutumnGraduations. Cobra's accomplishment highlights his dedication to not only music, “but” he says in addition, “to business acumen – a valuable asset in the ever-evolving music industry.”


Don Cobra

Don Cobra started his music journey at a young age, drawn to the raw energy and passion of rock 'n' roll. Later on, he formed the band L.A. Cobra in 2005, which, he says,  was a dream come true. He continues:  “Since then, over the past 20 years, we have released several albums, toured extensively, and built a dedicated fan base both locally and internationally. Our music blends the spirit of glam rock with modern influences. I also manage the band, handling bookings, visas, and tours. We're excited to celebrate our 20th anniversary with a new album coming out in 2025.”

Detailing the challenging aspects of navigating distance learning, Don Cobra explains that balancing his work and studies with his music career proved quite challenging. He adds:  “Touring and recording can be demanding, and finding the time and discipline to stay on top of my coursework required a lot of dedication and time management skills.” In addition, Don Cobra detailed on his Facebook page that at times he had to rush off stage to submit assignments.

Regarding the most rewarding aspects of his studies, Don Cobra states that the sense of accomplishment and personal growth, and the knowledge gained form his degree, “not only expanded my knowledge in business management, but also proved to myself that I could achieve my academic goals while pursuing my passion for music”.

“Now that I've graduated,” he says,  “I plan to apply the business skills I've learned to better manage and grow L.A. Cobra. I am also interested in exploring opportunities in the business world that align with my new qualification.” In addition, he says he’s contemplating studying further towards a Master’s Degree in Business Management.

Don Cobra’s business acumen lies in entrepreneurship and management within the entertainment industry. He further explains: “I believe my experience in the music industry, combined with my business education, can open up new avenues for career growth and innovation.”

On why he chose Unisa to further his studies, he says: “I chose Unisa because of its flexibility and reputation. As a distance learning institution, Unisa allowed me to continue my music career while pursuing my academic goals. The quality of education and the support provided by the university were also key factors in my decision.”


Don Cobra on stage performing (Image provided by Don Cobra)

Advising current and prospective students, Don Cobra underscored the principles of being disciplined and organised. He elaborates: “Stay organised and disciplined. Distance learning requires a lot of self-motivation and time management. Make a schedule, stick to it, and don't hesitate to reach out to your lecturers and peers for support. Balancing studies with other commitments is challenging, but it's definitely achievable with determination and planning.”

In conclusion, Don Cobra congratulates the university for in its 151 years of excellence in pioneering education. He states: “Your commitment to providing accessible and high-quality education has empowered countless individuals to achieve their dreams. I'm proud to be a part of the Unisa community and grateful for the opportunities it has provided me. Here's to many more years of success and innovation in education.”


*By Godfrey Madibane, Acting Journalist, Department of Institutional Advancement

Publish date: 2024/07/04

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