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Classy results from CAS in 2017 SAICA ITC

The College of Accounting Sciences (CAS) is most proud of the results of its former students in the professional assessment examination of the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA). The Initial Test of Competence (ITC) examination, written in January 2017, provided a clear demonstration once again of Unisa’s strong contribution towards the CA profession in South Africa.

Prof Elmarie Sadler, CAS Executive Dean, said that she wished to thank all staff members in the college for their contribution to the excellent results obtained. “Your commitment is highly appreciated,” she enthused.

Candidates who completed the CTA Programme with Unisa have achieved excellent results, with a 69% pass rate for candidates attempting the ITC examination for the first time, and a 60% average for all candidates from Unisa. In total, 401 former Unisa students passed the ITC examination. This represents 21% of all successful candidates. Unisa also outperformed all other universities in terms of the number of successful candidates, as well as outclassing some residential universities in the percentage pass rate.

In addition, with these results, Unisa once again made a significant contribution to the transformation of the CA profession. A total of 245 successful black students are former Unisa students (including 149 African students).

This represents 23% of all successful black candidates, thereby contributing more than any other single university to the success of black candidates. The majority of black African students who were successful were also former Unisa students.

*Submitted by Ntsako Mdhluli

Publish date: 2017/04/11