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Bachelor of Education applicants

All three Bachelor of Education (BEd) qualifications are a popular choice. As a result, the BEd is oversubscribed, which means that more applications are received than the spaces available for admission. As a result, not all applicants will be offered a space for admission. The BEd is, however, not the only route to become a teacher. Should your intention be to teach in the Senior and FET Phase, you can also follow an alternative pathway into teaching. You can apply for an alternative Bachelor’s program (i.e. BA, BCOM, BSc), should you meet the admission requirements and be admitted, you can then continue into the Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE). This route will mean that you will be able to become a teacher in the same minimum four years as the BEd students. It is advisable that you check the admission requirements for your intended PGCE to ensure that you register the correct combination of school subjects to meet the PGCE admission.

Publish date: 2020/11/04