Department of Public, Constitutional and International Law

Ms L Stone

College of Law
School of Law
Department: Public, Constitutional and International
Senior Lecturer
Tel: 012 429 8492


  • LLB
  • LLM

Currently teaching

  • Constitutional Law
  • Refugee Law

Fields of academic interests

  • Constitutional Law
  • Refugee Law
  • International Law
  • African Regional Law
  • Gender and the Law


South African Constitutional Law in Context (edited by Pierre de Vos and Warren Freedman) Oxford University Press (2014)

South Africa’s Implementation of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, in Prosecution of International Crimes in Africa (edited by Japhet Biegon and Chacha Murungu) Pretoria University Law Press (2011)

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Women in Post-Conflict Societies in Africa, with Mireille Affa’a Mindzie Centre for Conflict Resolution Seminar Report No. 20 (March 2007)

A Right or a Privilege? Right of Access to Education for Refugee and Asylum-seeker Children in South Africa, with Shani Winterstein, National Consortium for Refugee Affairs (2003)

Journal articles

A sign of the times: South Africa’s politico-legal retrogression as illustrated through South Africa’s intention to withdraw from the Rome Statute Establishing the International Criminal Court, Southern African Public Law (2017)

Two decades of jurisprudence on substantive gender equality: What the Constitutional Court got right and wrong, Agenda 108/30 (2016)

Challenges to judicial independence in South Africa, Revue du conseil constitutionnel (2014)

Elevating a well-founded fear of sexual violence to a form of persecution in refugee status determination: Justifications for a more inclusive approach, South African Yearbook of International Law 37 (2012)

Race-thinking and the Law in post-1994 South Africa, co-written with Yvonne Erasmus, Transformation 79 (2012)

The SADC Protocol on Gender and Development: Duplication or complementarity of the African Union Protocol on Women’s Rights? with Malebakeng Forere African Human Rights Law Journal 2 (2009)

Facts, “distortions of the facts”, and fiction:  Brief comments on the CASA judgements and its implications, co-written with Yvonne Erasmus, China Monitor, a publication of the Centre for Chinese Studies, University of Stellenbosch, South Africa

A Court Not Found? with Max du Plessis, African Human Rights Law Journal 2 (2007)

Recent developments in the African Regional Human Rights System: The 38th Session of the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights, Banjul, The Gambia, 21st of November to the 5th of December 2005, African Human Rights Law Journal 1 (2006)

Paper presentations

Legal Protection under IHL: The Civilian Population Generally, Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons, 28 October 2016 (14th All-Africa International Humanitarian Law Course, Pretoria, South Africa)

The diverging trajectories of refugee law and policy in South Africa: A critical assessment, 21-22 October 2016 (Conference on Legal responses to Forced Mass Migration: regional approaches and perspectives in Olomouc, Czech Republic)

Challenges to judicial independence in South Africa, 24-25 November 2014 (Conference organised by the Algerian Constitutional Council on Advances with regard to Constitutional Law in Africa, Algiers, Algeria)

Systematic Campaign of War-time Rape as Persecution for Purposes of Refugee Status  Determination, 30-31 July 2014 (1st Global Conference on Sexuality, Oppression and Human Rights at Oxford University, United Kingdom)

Human Rights Law as a Vehicle through which to Achieve Targeted Social Change: A Multi-Disciplinary Endeavour by Implication? 12-13 September 2012 (Conference on Methodological Challenges to Human Rights Research, Vienna, Austria)

Law as an instrument of social change in addressing the feminization of poverty, 10-12 February 2012 (International Conference on Feminism and the Law: Revisiting the Past, Rethinking the Present and Thinking the Way Forward in Pune, India)

 Race3+1 + comparative disadvantage(</>) ¹ restitutionary equality, 2-5 February 2011 (African Network of Constitutional Lawyers Conference in Rabat, Morocco)

Race thinking and the law in post-1994 South Africa, 14 October 2010 (Colloquium on Revisiting Apartheid Race Categories organised by the Centre for Critical Research on Race and Identity and the University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa)

The Judicial Enforcement of Human Rights: The African Court of Justice and Human Rights, April 2007 (Seminar hosted by the Institute for Security Studies, Pretoria, South Africa)

An Analysis of the Protocol to the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights on the Rights of Women in Africa, 20-21 October 2005 (Consultative Workshop on Ratification and Implementation of the African Women’s Protocol, Banjul, The Gambia)

Public Interest Litigation under common law / civil law jurisdictions to protect women’s property rights, 12-15 August 2005 (Workshop organized by the Swedish and Kenyan Sections of the International Commission of Jurists, Centre on Housing Rights and Evictions and Women’s Legal Centre, Johannesburg, South Africa)

Status of proposed litigation before the African Commission on Human and Peoples’

Rights: Garreth Prince v South Africa, 29 April - 1 May 2002 (Workshop on Human Rights Litigation in Africa organised by the  Institute for Human Rights and Development in Africa and the International Commission of Jurists, Pretoria, South Africa)