Department of Corrections Management

Prof P Muthaphuli

College of Law
School of Criminal Justice
Department: Corrections Management
Associate Professor
Tel: 012 433 9423


  • DLitt et Phil in Penology
  • MTech in Corrections Management
  • BTech in Corrections Management
  • National Diploma in Corrections Management

Fields of academic interests

  • Corrections, criminal justice, social justice

Field of Specialisation

  • Criminal Justice, corrections

Journal articles

  • Muthaphuli, P. 2015. Different route, same destination: Assessing the (r)evolution of  offender reform in South Africa past twenty years into democracy, Acta Criminologica: Southern African Journal of Criminology, Special Edition 1, January 2015, 132 –146
  • Muthaphuli, P. 2017. Using diversion as a re-entry and treatment practice for young sexual offenders: A case study, CARSA: Child Abuse Research a South African Journal, 18(2) of 2017
  • Muthaphuli, P. 2017. Constitutional rights and offender rehabilitation from a South African perspective, JUST AFRICA: All – Africa Journal of Criminal Justice, 3 (1) 2017
  • Muthaphuli, P. 2017. Offender rehabilitation as a societal responsibility in a secure multi-faith environment: The case of correctional services, Alternation: Interdisciplinary Journal for the Study of the Arts and Humanities in Southern Africa, 24 (2), 2017
  • Muthaphuli, P & Terblanche, SS. 2017. A Penological Perspective on Rehabilitation as a Sentencing Objective, Acta Criminologica: Southern African Journal of Criminology (39(4)/2017: Special Edition: Corrections – Sites of harm reduction, rehabilitation and professionalism.

Paper presentations

  • International conference on Democracy, Human Rights and Social Justice in a New Global Dispensation – Challenges and transformations: Offenders’ rights with regard to rehabilitation in South Africa
  • Association for the Study of Religion in Southern Africa: The impact of religion on offender rehabilitation: a case study of Joybringers
  • SBL International conference on Leadership and Management for Sustainable Development: Privately managed prisons in SA: Another form of corporate greed or offenders’ rehabilitation dream come true?
  • The African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights and the Protection of Human Rights in African Union Member States: Thirty/Twenty-Five/Ten Years on - Achievements, Challenges and Prospects: Has the African Charter been an effective instrument in protecting offenders’ rights?
  • 1st Annual Spring Law Conference. Theme: “Law, Justice and Development in Africa”: Judicial route in the quest for crime prevention through the sentencing approaches
  • ICPA 16th Annual Congress, Windhoek, Namibia: Different route, same destination: Assessing the (r)evolution of offender reform in South Africa
  • ICPA 17th Annual Congress, Melbourne, Australia: Framing The Path For The ‘Mandela Rules’: The Need For Certain, Consistent And Unambiguous Implementation
  • 8th International Conference on Social Sciences: ICSS 2017: Using Online Learning to Achieve Social Justice: Lessons from the College of Law Signature Module